Didi Chuxing solidifies its presence at the 2021 World Intelligence Conference, held from May 20-23 in Tianjin. (LI SHENGLI / FOR CHINA DAILY)

BEIJING – China's transport authorities summoned 15 ride-hailing and cargo services firms for talks on Friday, ordering the firms to examine their operations.

The companies, including Didi, Caocao, Full Truck Alliance and GOGOX Holdings, were summoned by the office of the inter-ministerial joint meeting on the coordinated supervision of new forms of transportation, according to sources at the Ministry of Transport.

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The talks pointed to issues such as the arbitrary adjustment of operating rules, infringement upon the rights and interests of employees and passengers, and hidden safety risks.

During the talks, the companies were ordered to conduct business in accordance with laws and regulations, and to safeguard the market order of fair competition.

The companies should ensure uninterrupted passenger and cargo transport, and make every effort to guarantee the transportation of medical and daily necessity supplies, the office cautioned.

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It also called on the companies to protect the rights and interests of drivers and passengers, and strengthen their detection of security risks and safety training for drivers.

The platform firms said they would make thorough in-house overhauls of their issues, standardize their operations, and make concrete efforts to promote the industry's sound and sustainable development.